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October 01, 2003

this morning

if you haven't been following from the beginning, I am very fortunate to live by the beach. I've been here over 10 years now, and I hope to never leave.
You'd think that living so close to the beach I'd be up and swimming, running, generally taking advantage of the opportunity. I'd like to think that too. But I can be pretty slack. The last few days i've been a lot better. This morning, I road my mountain bike from Bondi, up the hill to South Head (listen, its quite a hill especially on a heavy bike at 6.15 in the am.) The road follows the cliffs out to the heads, past the lighthouse, with views of the Pacific Ocean to your right, then down the hill to the harbour. It really is a beautiful view, though hard to appreciate with your heart and lungs working over time, and the lactic acid building up in your legs, with peletons of super fit, lycra clad cyclists, on their ultra light road bikes passing you like you are standing still.

Still, there are worse ways to start your day.

When I exercise, particularly swimming and running, I find I can often think well about tricky programming problems that have been bugging me. On the bike, riding on the road, it is, for obvious reasons, probably not such a good idea.

Today I'll try to write a little more about the history of Style Master, and a little about what I am currently doing with Style Master. Stay tuned.

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