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October 05, 2003


Well, my team lost.

Which could lead to a long reflection on meaning and meaninglessness.

They won last year, and thank goodness for that really, after 27 years.

It's a tribal thing. I have always gone for "easts" since I was a wee kid. They are a great, professional side now, and I'm not sure how or why they didn't win tonight.

I suppose the good times are paid for by the bad. I reckon I got a down payment on a fair bit of happy times with that side then :-)

They are a young side too, with a coach who has a long future. I'd like to see a bit more from them over the coming years. My guess is I will.

In the meantime I have a workshop to prepare for, Style Master 3.5 for Mac OS X and Window to complete, and a whole lot of other stuff. Onwards and upwards.

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