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October 05, 2003

What else do I do?

When I am not developing software, or otherwise working at westciv, or writing articles, or developing websites, or sleeping, I am involved in surf lifesaving. Lifesaving is a volunteer organisation, with 10s of thousands of members who patrol most of the beaches in Australia from the end of September to the end of April, on the weekends and public holidays.
For the last couple of seasons I've been the chief instructor as North Bondi Surf Club but now I have the good fortune to have shouldered that responsibility onto someone else.

Today I started training a group for their "Bronze Medallion" with my great friend Ben (whom I met through lifesaving, we trained together back in the day). Ben is responsible for my addiction to snowboarding, which I took up a couple of years back, to the chagrin of my bank manager.

For the next 8 weeks we'll be training a group of 10 or so for their bronze, the basic qualification to be a lifesaver. It's two sessions a week, and culminates in two exams, a theoretical, and a practical exam. It's no cake walk, for instructors, or for the trainees, but it's more than worthwhile for both.

So if you are not from Australia, and you ever get down here, get down to a beach, and look out for the red and yellow uniforms. They are all volunteers, though highly trained for that. And we never mind a chat, so say hi, and you'll always find someone happy to explain a little more about that beach, where it is safe and where it is dangerous.

It's a holiday tomorrow here, and my team is playing in the football grand final (they won last year, but before that it was 27 years, when I was 8, since they had won. A long time between drinks.)
So fingers crossed there'll be a reason to celebrate.

I'll try to get some work done too.

Go the roosters.

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