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January 30, 2004

Style Master secrets and tips #2 Dreamweaver and GoLive

What's this, two posts in two days?

I've been working to make it easier to integrate Style Master with Dreamweaver MX 2004 (quite a mouthful) and Adobe GoLive CS (ditto, though what happens when they upgrade? DS (Citroen may sue), or CX? of CS 2? Anyhoo) so that you can use Style Master easily to edit CSS while using those applications.

Why bother?

Well, with all due respect to these apps they aren't dedicated CSS editors and so (hopefully) Style Master's CSS editing features will have the edge on their editing of CSS. And at about 18% of the price :-)

So for today, well look at using these apps and Style Master on Mac OS X. In the next day or two, we'll do Windows.

Macromedia Dreamweaver

It's a little involved, but here's what you have to do.

  1. In the Dreamweaver menu Choose Preferences…
  2. In the preferences window, choose the category File Types / Editors
  3. In the Open in code view field, remove the .css entry
  4. Click the + button above the Extensions list
  5. Enter .css
  6. Now click the + button above the Editors list
  7. Locate the Style Master application in the window which opens and click Open
  8. Now click OK

Now you are set up, how do you actually edit style sheets with Style Master?

Read on.

  1. Open an HTML document with a linked style sheet
  2. Open the CSS Style tab of the design palette
  3. Right click in this window and make sure that Use External Editor is checked (otherwise you'll end up using Dreamweaver's CSS editor)
  4. Right click the name of the style sheet or any of its styles and choose Edit...

and the style sheet should open in Style Master.

Note that this won't work for embedded (what Dreamweaver calls "internal") style sheets.

Adobe GoLive

GoLive's integration with other applications isn't as extensive (perhaps a generous term) as far as I can determine as Dreamweaver's. In GoLive, you can specify external editor, then in a site, you canright click a file to edit that file in an external editor. If you can do more than this, please leave me a comment, and all will be the wiser.

This will work in all versions since and including 5 I believe.

OK, fasten your seatbelts, its going to be a bit of a bumpy ride.

  1. In the Golive menu choose Web Settings…
  2. In the Web Settings window, choose the File Mappings Tab
  3. In the Suffix column select css
  4. In the Inspector Window, in the Application pane, click the folder button
  5. Locate the Style Master application inthe Window which opens and click Open/li>
  6. Now close the Web Settings window

Again, how do we take advantage of this?

  1. Open a Site
  2. Right click a CSS file
  3. Choose Open>Open in Style Master and behold the miracles of modern science

You can also just double click a style sheet file and it will be opened in Style Master.

Next Time, we'll do Windows, including FrontPage (people keep asking!) NoteTab and HTMLKit. Stay tuned.

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