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May 02, 2004

Again with the pirates


1. I know I have yet to publish the increasingly epic article I promised. It's coming. I promise. But for now, it's title: Pirates of the CyberAeon (say it out loud, while thinking of Johnny Depp or Keira Knightly)

2. I appear to be obsessed with piracy, which is not entirely true. I am currently obsessed with xml parsers if you really want to know

3. To prove I am not alone, (re piracy, not xml parsers) "Way of the Rodent", a gaming site, has a special edition devoted to debating the issue. Note that you'll find some adult language in some of the articles.

Arguments for and against, etc.

And while we are at it, Slashdot is running a conversation on the article.

Stay tuned,


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