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May 03, 2004

On the very off chance

Should you live in Bondi, or surrounds, and like to meet up with some other web types in the area, then tomorrow evening [Tuesday May 4], at 700pm or so, a few Bondi web types will be getting together at the Beach Road Hotel.

Upstairs in the newish non smoking back bar (how cool is a non smoking bar? I'd go out more if all pubs were non smoking, but I digress).

You'll have to work out who we are, but that should not be too hard.


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I live in Dublin, and I'm very happy that ALL pubs in Ireland are now non-smoking by law. You light up, you get thrown out. Nice. Its much nicer to go out, and as an added bonus you get to see which girls definitely dont smoke!

The only trouble is you can smell the farts now!

Posted by: Mark Lennox | May 10, 2004 7:26:51 AM