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June 09, 2004


Dave Hyatt at Surfin' Safari reports that, as one or two others have commented, iTunes does not use WebKit for rendering the iTunes Music Store iTMS.

Which is somewhat disappointing, but does not substantially affect the basic argument of my earlier article.

Safari is based on, and Apple contributes to, the open source KHTML rendering engine, KHTML is at least doable on Windows, so Safari could feasibly be made available for Windows.

And just speaking out of my hat, go on Apple, do it. You have several years before the next version of IE is released, and according to Microsoft, the next version of IE will never be available for today's Windows computers. Get that Apple logo on millions of Windows desktops, and importantly, keep web innovation alive.

You know you want to ;-)

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This makes no sense for Apple, especially given that Safari's only real advantage over other browsers is its speed (real or perceived). The only reason Safari is speedier than other browsers is because Apple is utilizing OS X's capabilities (Aqua, Quartz, etc.) and some undocumented APIs. On Windows, it would not run nearly as fast as IE (witness the performance differences between QuickTime for Mac and Windows).

Also, creating a Windows version of Safari makes no financial sense to Apple. Giving away free software only makes sense if you're selling something else that it's connected to (iTunes->iPod, QuickTime->QuickTime Pro). Neither does it help Apple's main goal of selling Macs. If Safari is available for Windows, that's less incentive for Windows users to buy a Mac.

Finally, releasing Safari for Windows would in no way sway most Windows users, who use IE mainly because it's "compatible." If they went to a few non-standards-based sites that didn't work right in Safari, they'd quickly label Safari as "incompatible" and switch right back to good old IE.

Posted by: Eddie Hargreaves | Jun 10, 2004 2:34:06 PM

users use ie on windows because ie is "here"

simply that

nothing at all with big theories, compatible sites or whatever

_true_ users (people without knowledge of computers and who doesn't care) are using IE because IE is the DEFAULT windows browser and mostly all icons in windows lead to IE. simply

mozilla firefox, whatever its qualities has to fight that and it's near impossible (it's not important in fact, mozilla only need a reasonable share of the market to be alive and interesting and to force industries to respect open/free standards)

it's not important safari has a huge market, it only need to respect totally web standards and reasonably accept broken pages.

Posted by: michel | Jun 11, 2004 5:43:21 PM

> Neither does it help Apple's main goal of selling Macs. If Safari is available for Windows, that's less incentive for Windows users to buy a Mac.

I have to disagree with this! I can't believe that Safari on it's own is enough of a reason for anyone to buy a Mac... the opposite might be true though - lack of a decent browser might well be a reason for someone not to buy a Mac. Since a web browser is an essential piece of software these days, I think Apple wanted to make sure that a decent one was available for MacOS, as Microsoft sure wasn't doing much about it!

Posted by: Paul Dias | Jun 23, 2004 10:41:13 AM