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July 30, 2004

HTML, XHTML, semantics and the future of the web

John's managed to tear himself away from his desk for a couple of days of snowboarding, but before he did he gave this very well received presentation at Open Publish 2004. HTML, XHTML, semantics and the future of the web is part inspiration, part tutorial, covering everything you need to know to transition to standards based markup. Pass it on to anyone suffering trepidation at the prospect.



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July 23, 2004

MacWorld review Style Master

A few days back I wrote that MacWorld USA (pretty much the Mac magazine) reviewed Style Master 3.5 in the August edition.

I hadn't seen the review until a couple of hours ago as I'm in Australia, and the review was not online.

We'll, the Style Master review is now available at the macWorld site.

We rated 4 Mouses (Mice?), no small feat at all from arguably the toughest reviewers around.

Reviewer David McFarland concludes

Style Master 3.5, with its wealth of supplemental reference material, browser compatibility information, simple wizards, and CSS file-linking tools, makes creating and learning about style sheets fast and easy for both novice and advanced users.

It's always nice when an awful lot of hard work (we started work on Style Master more than 6 years ago) is appreciated.

If you'd like to see some more of the reviews we've received over the last almost 6 years, take a look at our reviews page at westciv.


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July 20, 2004

Some speaking dates

In the coming weeks I'm speaking at a couple of conferences here in Sydney.

Thursday week, July 30, I'm speaking at OpenPublish on XHTML and Semantic markup.

A couple of weeks after that, on August 13, I'm speaking at inspire '04 part of Sydney Design Week.

I'll be speaking about the businesses case and implications of web standards.

For some reason I've ended up in the management tracks of both conferences, so I'll steer clear of the hard core tech stuff.

If you aren't registered, take a look at each, they both look chock-a-block full of good stuff.

if you are, come and say hi.


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July 14, 2004

le Tour

Just a really quick one, unrelated to css, standards, Style Master and so on.

There are a number of sports I love to watch (I've also played a fair number, some better than others, and earlier this year my lifesaving team got second in the state and fourth in Australia).

As an Australian, I share our not unusual love of cricket, which I freely admit is something you almost certainly have to be born with (though Maxine has a friend who was originally form Egypt who is probably more fanatical then me.)

I love a good game of rugby too. This weekend Australia plays arch foes the New Zealand All Blacks in the first of this seasons tri-nations rugby "tests" (in cricketing and rugby parlance, and in many other sports associated with the former British Empire such as Hockey, internationals are known as "test matches" or "tests". As a child I always wondered when the "real" ones were going to be played, I kid you not.)

But every year, one sporting event completely enthralls me for a whole month. The Tour de France. Why? I really don't know. I like cycling, and ride often to keep fit. But that's not it. Sure the Australians have been dong well for the last few years, and Australia is traditionally a strong cycling nation, particularly on the track (sadly there are some serious drug issues going down in Aussie track cycling at present). But there must be something more. Australians are not surprisingly great swimmers, and I swim quite a bit, even competitively, but I can't see myself watching swimming for half an hour every evening for a whole month.

Whatever it is, the spectacle of a couple of hundred probably certifiable athletes riding thousands of kilometers over the course of a month I find riveting. There are some great Tour web sites, including the official one in several languages and the frequently updated tdfbog.

So by the end of the day when we get a 30 minutes highlights package I know everything that is going to happen, but it is still a great spectacle.

If you've not ever paid it any attention, give it a go. You might find it strangely compelling as I do.

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July 13, 2004

New tutorial at westciv

If you don't know already, one thing we have been doing for years at westciv is providing lots of CSS and standards based development learning materials, like our complete CSS guide, a fantastic indepth tutorial, and a swag of focussed tutorials, among much else.

It was really nice this morning to see D Keith Robinson link to some of our stuff inthe context of learning CSS, as Dave Shea among many others does at mezzoblue.

In keeping with this long standing tradition, Maxine has just completed another great focussed tutorial on using lists for navigation. It goes into list properties, descendant selectors, and some other CSS aspects in quite a bit of detail. Why not take a look?

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July 07, 2004

Style Master + Interarchy

Probably the second piece of shareware we purchased at westciv (I'm pretty sure GraphicConverter was the first) was Anarchie by Stairways software. It was a wonderful FTP application. Almost 10 years later, both these apps are still going, though Anarchie is now "Interarchy" (personally I prefer the first name). 10 years is a long long time in this game, so well done to both.

Recently stairways and westciv got together to bundle Style Master for the Mac and Interachy (which is Mac only BTW).
You can't do web development without CSS or FTP, so they are a natural fit.

For a limited time you can get both together for only US$84

So if you need any further excuse to purchase one or other of these apps, why not get both now?


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