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September 23, 2004

A week to go

Only a week to go to Web Essentials '04, and it is shaping up as better than we could have imagined.
A few weeks ago Russ, Peter Maxine and I ran a bit of a private sweep to see who could guess closest to the number of people coming. I am the natural optimist in the group, and right now, I am the only one who has over estimated. We have nearly 200 people coming, and by next week, it will be well in excess of 200 (then I'll win the sweep).

As mentioned previously we have people coming from all over Australia (and it is a big place if you aren't from here) as well as New Zealand, Japan, and even the UK, as well as speakers from the US and Canada.

Last week Auscap, the Australian Caption Centre came on board, and will be captioning just about every session.

The program has been completed, and the content too looks better than we could have hoped for.
Even the conference bags look hot, they were delivered yesterday. They'll be the must have web developers laptop bag for 2005.

So if you are still thinking about it, I give you my personal word, you won't be disappointed. And if you don't come, I reckon you might just be pretty disappointed.

See you there,


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Yeah - time has flown, hasn't it? I'm really looking forward to it. I feel a bit "out of the loop" up here in Rockhampton so it's going to be good to rub shoulders with a few of the "big boys".

On a completely different note: Go the Cowboys!!!

Posted by: Jason Foss | Sep 24, 2004 7:40:51 AM


looking forward to it, but do note, I am one very large Easts fan (have been for 30 years)!

I am taking Doug Bowman to the Grand Final. Not looking forward to that, whether easts make it or not.


Posted by: John Allsopp | Sep 24, 2004 8:40:04 AM