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October 12, 2004

Quick round up

OK, I won't get side tracked into a rant, or other form of discursion.

Some things happening at westciv as we speak.

Westciv template competition

As you may know, westciv recently held a templates competition

We had 49 entries, of excellent quality, and at present our judges Molly Holzschlag, Paul Scrivener and Andrei Herasimchuk, and results will be announced shortly.
Thanks to all who entered, and we'll have all the entries available for viewing shortly.

Japan and other breaks

Maxine is off to Japan for two weeks, leaving me in charge of the fort. Expect the exceedingly high levels of support to plummet alarmingly. Actually, not really, I'm kinda good at that too.
Expect some marvelous photos and amusing anecdotes on her return

I am off for three days snowboarding with Doug Bowman in New Zealand, though I'll also be handling support and so forth. Amazing this interweb thingy.
Doug and I will be boarding at Mt Hutt, and staying in Methven, so if that's your turf, drop us a line, and we might meet up for a Monteiths. We'll be there Thursday Friday and Saturday, staying Thursday night and Friday night. I'll be in Christchurch Weds night and Saturday night, so again, fancy a beer? drop me a line.
Expect some amusing photos and tedious anecdotes about big air when I return.

Style Master 4

It's official, there will be a Style Master 4 pretty soon, with beta testing to begin in the next week or so. We have two phases of beta testing, a private phase, usually lasting a month, which we restrict to existing customers, and then a shorter public phase. That should begin in the next few weeks, so stay posted.

What's new? I can't tell you just yet, but expect big things from an already fine application, particularly if you are a designer.

Stay tuned

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How soon? Style Master rocks! ;)


Posted by: Nikole Jolie | Dec 1, 2004 3:31:47 AM


early January we hope,


Posted by: John Allsopp | Dec 1, 2004 7:59:57 AM