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November 03, 2004

Our templates competition results

As you may know, to celebrate the 6th anniversary of Style Master, westciv held a templates contest.
The challenge was to design reusable CSS and HTML (valid, standards based in both cases) templates for others to base their site designs on.
We had several categories, including handheld, print and text only.
The real kicker was we offered good old fashioned cash prizes. $1000 in total.

We were quite overwhelmed with the number and quality of the entries. 49 in total. and we had a really difficult time judging them, there were so many attractive, usable designs.

Now, our timing was a bit poor, what with Web Essentials, and a trip by Maxine to Japan coinciding with the judging period, but only a few days late we have the results.

So get along to the results page, and take a look.

And the best part. All those featured, 20 or so, will be available with Style Master, as part of the templates feature of our CSS Editor. They will be licensed under a creative commons license to allow you to reuse them.

Thanks again to our judges, and all those who entered, and well done. It's great to see how much CSS design has come along in the last few years

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