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January 26, 2005

Again with the GBrowser

Almost a year ago I published some comments about the future of web browsing and the web.

Like all good prognostications they were largely wrong, as I discuss here. But I will claim to be among the first to talk about the involvement of Google in the browser space. And this was long before the GBrowser hysteria a couple of months back.

So now I return to the subject very briefly, with excitement about Google and Browsers again hitting fever pitch with the announcement by Mozilla Foundation heavy Ben Goodger that he is taking a position with Google (while continuing to do much of that he has been doing with Firefox at Mozilla).

Let's look at Google's other recent G app. GMail. This still in beta mail application runs in your browser, and works with all modern browsers.

So, see what I am thinking. GBrowser will be a browser that runs in your browser, just like GMail.

Think about it.

You fire up your browser of choice.

You go to GBrowser.com

This presents a UI for browsing the web - managing bookmarks and RSS feeds, for entering URIs and so on.
When you go to a URI or click a link, GBrowser catches the content and presents it to you in your browser window, but inside its own UI. It could even do some correcting for browser bugs, making our lives as web developers much easier.

Makes perfect sense to me, what do you think?


p.s. lots of news about westciv, south by southwest, the SxSW Web Design Awards, Style Master 4, podSites, and more coming soon


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January 11, 2005

podSites - a slice of the web for your iPod

A few weeks back we published our CSS Guide as a "podGuide", specially for reading on your iPod. And as mentioned elsewhere, the response was quite extraordinary.

In the wake of that, Russ Weakley, who we organized the Web Essentials conference with in September last year and I spent a fevered few days brainstorming and prototyping, and the result is podSites

Think of podSites as an equation

iPod Notes + podCasting = podSites

The site has detailed information on how to develop podSites, and how to publish them using podCasting. It also features a podSite directory where you can submit your own podSites, or download podsites published by others, and a very cool podSite emulator, that takes your content and shows you what it will look like on an iPod.

So get on over and start podSiting :-)


oh yeah, and a better year all round to all in 2005. Last year was not one of the best.

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