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March 24, 2005

back on board

Just a quick note to say I've just got back from the US, and while a bit exhausted and jet lagged full of energy, ideas for new projects, plus plenty of work to do.

Almost on top of my emails.

I'll write shortly about the fabulous South by Southwest, how Style Master 4 is doing (very well, thanks for asking) and some of the Mac toys I picked up in the US.

Stay tuned


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March 09, 2005

Very nice Style Master review and another interview

Just a quick note about a very nice review in Mac360.

Titled "The Top CSS Editor On The Planet. From Down Under" they seem to like it :-)

Also, Maxine and I were interviewed, with a story, in yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald (one of the big three Australian newspapers). The story is here, but you do need to register, although its free.Now its time to get on over to Austin.


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March 07, 2005

South by Southwest

As you might be aware, the whole of westciv (well, that's two of us) will be in Austin Texas from Thursday this week for South by Southwest Interactive.

If you would like to say hi, we'd love to meet you. Here are some places you can be sure to find us.

Saturday Evening

Members of the WebDesign-L list, CSS-Discuss list, Web Standards Project (WaSP), Austin Web Standards Meetup, and Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR) will be meeting for SXSW Interactive, Saturday, March 12th, from 6-8 PM at Buffalo Billiards (first floor near the main bar, right as you walk in). We'll be there, and the ones speaking Aussie accents, wrestling crocodiles (not).

Sunday Evening

The Web Design Awards!
The awards night, one great party, and all presented by Style Master.
Downtown Hilton Hotel (500 E 4th St)
6:00pm ยท 8:30pm


Studio SX 1.00pm
Hear Maxine and me interviewed in StudioSX while you attend the IF! Exhibition .


Where are the Women of Web Design?
3:30 pm
Hear Maxine and other prominent women, (and Eric Meyer) speak on this controversial issue.


10.00 am
Web Design 2010: What Will the Web Look Like When It Turns 20?

Come hear Doug Bowman, Eris Free, Jon Hicks Dave Shea (what a lineup) and me (oh well) discuss what web developers will be doing when the web turns 20. What tools, what techniques, what platforms? It's bound to be interesting.

See you in Austin.

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March 05, 2005


One of the reasons its been a little quiet over here (and at Maxine's blog too) is not just because we are gearing up for SxSW next week (where Maxine and I are both speaking, Style Master is the host of the Web Design Awards, and we finally meet up with dozens of people we have been in email contact with for up to the best part of a decade.)

No, the big reason is Style Master 4 has been in beta testing for some time now. We have had 600 or so beta testers, a huge undertaking in itself (last time, a little over a year ago, it was fewer than 200).

I said "has been" because a few hours ago, we released Style Master 4! (its already turned up on version tracker, man they are connected).

I really can't write anything vaguely coherent right now, because I am totally exhausted. But I'll leave you with the new icon, and the promise to write very soon with info on all the new goodies in this version. There are many many.

Guess the designer :-)




The wonderful Amit (photogapher, blogger, all round great guy, has a lovely post at his blog about Style Master, and was kind enough to ask me a couple of questions about Style Master, which I've answered in my usual long winded fashion)

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