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April 21, 2005


I've been to the US twice. In 2000, during the Sydney Olympics (swapped apartments with a New York based journalist and got to stay on 34th Street for 2 months in a very nice place.)
As readers will know, I was there again last month, this time in LA, Austin for SxSW, San Francisco, and then the coast road (Highway 1) to LA from San Francisco.

Both times I returned with a tremendous energy and enthusiasm, my head full of ideas and projects. And to tell the truth, this surprised me.
In short, there is a lot to like about the US. The optimism, the "can do", "give it a go" attitude. That's not to say that everything about the US is great, but often times, we outside the US focus on the not so great stuff (look, its not hard to do that sometimes).

The world would be a better place if more from the USA travelled to other countries, and got to know them a bit better, and similarly if more of us from outside the US went there, and saw what the real place and people, not the movies and TV shows and other stereotypes, are like.

Mindful that I can be a bit of a critic, I'll more or less leave it there for now.

But web people from outside the US, put South by Southwest (March 10-14 2006) into your diaries now. Even traveling from Europe is reasonably affordable (there were a load of English people there this year), and I'm looking into making it more accessible to Australian developers next year.

Just start saving your pennies, because its worth every one.

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You make a good point, but the US has not been a good global citizen for some time now. I live in St. Louis (right in the middle of the country) and now that the USDollar is so weak, travel abroad is virtually prohibitive for all but the most well off. Many of us wish we could migrate to Europe, but they wouldn't have us! ;-)

Posted by: Zaine Ridling | Apr 27, 2005 6:04:14 PM