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April 27, 2005

Style Master 4.02 Windows released

We've just released Style Master 4.02 for Windows. There are a raft of fixes, detailed at our thriving support forum.

Mac users, rest assured, a new version is coming soon, which addresses some minor issues with Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4 due out at the end pf the week) (so called perhaps because it makes developers go "grrrrr"?), as well as a few issues that have arisen since 4.01 was released.

And for those confused by version tracker. 4.01 is the version you already have, for some reason version tracker just announced we had an upgrade, when we in fact have not.

News soon on my speaking in Chiba, Japan, at WWW2005 in a couple of weeks (very excited to be going to Japan), and the return of Web Essentials for 2005. Be very excited, this will be a big big show.


Oh, and don't miss Maxine's great new tutorial on building complex photo galleries with floated elements instead of tables.

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