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May 20, 2005

Musical baton

This morning, on someone's blog or other (may well have been that anglophile Molly), I saw what I thought was a pretty cool idea - the musical "baton". The idea was you let people know a little bit about your musical tastes and pass it on to 5 other people.
And lo, a little later today, everyone's favorite blue guy, Cameron Adams passed it on to me.

So here goes.

Total volume of music files on my computer:

0MB (given that I just got a new HD after my brand new powerbook's HD failed. But on my iPod there is 1283 tracks (7.05GB))

The last CD I bought was:

Well, not often do I purchase CDs, but I did pick up a copy of the Unforgettable Fire a couple of months back. Analogue recording well over 20 years old, this transitional album by U2, produced by the evergreen Brian Eno simply has not dated.

Song playing right now:

well, I often listen to internet radio these days, so tracking what I have actually listened to is tough, but according to my iPod, the most recent thing I listen to was "From Amnesia with Love" by RebeL9

Five songs I listen to a lot/mean a lot to me:

  1. Bad, U2 - the Live aid live version. 12 minutes of the past and future or music, check it.
  2. Thinking of You - Sister Sledge. If you don't like disco there is something wrong with you. This is the best disco track ever. Full stop.
  3. Being Boring - Pet Shop Boys. Pop music's survivors. When I lived in London, moons ago, it was grey and miserable. This song was a ray of light.
  4. Guitar Solo 5, Dead Man soundtrack - Neil Young. The soul of one of the best movies ever made.
  5. Disco lite - Teenage Fan Club. Just you try to play it only once. Why these guys never took over the world is totally beyon me.

Ironically, there is little by way of electronic, drum and bass stuff in that list (i.e. none) given that's what I mostly listen to. Wonder what that means?

Five people to whom I am passing the baton:

  1. Maxine Sherrin - cause she'd probably kill me if I didn't
  2. Tantek Çelik - something tells me that will be an interesting list, but they can't all be his girlfriend's records :-)

And now here is a turnup for the books. Rather than me handing on the baton to 5 people, how bout you take the baton, run with it, and trackback to this post?

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Posted by: Jason Stirk | May 26, 2005 4:29:07 PM

I Love you girls


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