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June 30, 2005

Early bird ends Tonight

Just to let you know, today is the last day of early bird pricing for WE'05, so to save $150 off our regular price, sign up by midnight June 30.

The response to Web Essentials this year has been simply overwhelming. It's still three months until the conference, but we are well on the way to selling out. 5 times as many people have signed up as for the same time last year. This year's new event, a breakfast featuring Tantek Çelik, is already fully booked, so if you are keen to come to WE'05, please don't delay too long.

If you are from outside Australia, and might be thinking it's just too far or too expensive, then maybe you should think again. It's not so far nor as expensive to get here as you might imagine, and Australia is a very affordable destination. We now have people coming from New Zealand (a very big turn out this year, well done guys) every state and Territory of Australia (Western Australia is half the travel time from the west coast of the US, give or take, BTW) Thailand, Japan and even Finland (you'll have to try hard to come further than that). A special prize for whoever comes the furthest.

We'd love to see some people from the States, Canada, and the rest of South East Asia, and beyond.
We have more info on international travel here.

Can't wait for September.


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