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June 06, 2005

Web standards workshops with Russ Weakley and John Allsopp

My grandfather was a teacher. He has long since passed on, he'd be well over one hundred today, but even in the last few years I've met students of his who recall him fondly after half a century. I'm sure we can all recall the best teachers we had at school. Somehow many years later they seem to have an ongoing effect, a legacy. And I'm sure we can all recall the less than stellar teachers, who may have even made our lives something of a hell at school.

I've always loved teaching. I've taught in the private, public and volunteer sectors, mostly adults, on and off for well over a decade. Indeed, much of what we do at westciv I really see as teaching. Style Master grew out of an advanced HTML course I put together at a TAFE (a state run technical college system here in Australia) where I realized good tools were important for CSS, and they were thin on the ground, to say the least. And of course we have tutorials and courses from westciv to help people learn standards based web development.

For several years now I've been heavily involved in training for Surf LifeSaving, a volunteer organization here in Australia that provides lifesaving patrols for hundreds of beaches all round Australia at weekends and on public holidays from October to April.

Over the last couple of years I've been speaking a bit at conferences, both here and overseas, and running a few workshops. I've even ended up being involved with organizing conferences here in Australia.

So you could definitely say training and teaching is in my blood. I get a real buzz from it. Seeing people learn, gain new skills, understand something new - its wonderful to help people do that.

All this is a roundabout way of letting you know that Web Essentials, the company which organizes the conferences called, well Web Essentials, is putting on a series of Workshops, developed and presented by Russ Weakley and me. Russ, well known for his wonderful tutorials and articles at Max Design, and as one of the founders of the Web Standards Group (as well as Web Essentials) is a dynamic, passionate speaker, and a great educator. I'm genuinely excited to be teaching with him.

We are running two days of workshops - one more introductory, and one more advanced, standards based web design and development, with a real focus on CSS. You can take one or both days, as suits your needs and experience, and you'll come away with a really firm understanding, and many new skills. It will be a solid 7 hours of training each day, with fully catered breaks and lunch. You'll also get plenty of materials to take away to back up your learning. And you'll get two of the most enthusiastic trainers you are ever likely to meet :-)

We are coming to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra, between July 18 and July 29, in nice central locations.

Class sizes will be quite small, so if you are interested, it might be an idea to register sooner rather than later.

Hope to see you at one of these venues


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