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September 26, 2005

WE05 ignition sequence commenced -podCasts, flickr, blogging and more

WE04 seems so distant (I'm since married, and a lot else has happened aside) and yet so recent.

And now, WE05 is about to kick off. Jeffrey Veen, Molly Holzschalg, Douglas Bowman and Kelly Goto jetted in this morning (Jeffrey and Molly a little late after an emergency detour to Fiji because the planes toilets broke down.)
Eric Meyer, Tantek Çelik, and Derek Featherstone are arriving tomorrow (that's a couple of early starts at the airport),

As usual for WE events, the heavens opened in this drought stricken city. This is getting ridiculous. The weather is supposed to be fining up for the the rest of the week, let's hope so.

If you can't make it to Sydney, or missed out on a seat, never fear, we have podCasts, photos, blogging and more to keep you in touch.

It's not quite as good as being here, but maybe next year...

Check out last year's and current photos at WE04, WE05 and our flickr group.

Listen to podCasts of each session soon after they are done at our website or Odeo

Track what blogs are saying about WE05 via technorati, tags and make sure you tag your WE05 blog posts like this

<a href=”http://technorati.com/tag/WE05” rel=”tag”>WE05</a>

And if you are in Sydney and missed out, get down to the pumphouse on Friday evening, where we'll have our wrap party - all welcome (but you'll have to buy your own drinks)


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John, will you be posting your slides and also the research stats from your presentation? pretty please...

Posted by: wendy phillips | Oct 2, 2005 11:38:43 AM


very soon I promis, after I have some sleep!


Posted by: john Allsopp | Oct 2, 2005 2:43:54 PM

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