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November 12, 2005

Music podCast

After WE05, I got the idea of editing up some of the moments from the conference which stuck in my mind, and put them to some music. So, not having done anything musical for over 15 years, I broke out GarageBand and started playing around a bit. A few weeks ago I podCast two tracks from that effort, and upbeat and a deeper version. Since then I've been playing around some more with GarageBand, in those many hours I have with nothing else to do (right).

I've got a few tracks in various states, but I've decided to try and make one available at least once a month. So, I've just uploaded "you may know my poetry", which is basically a sketch for something I don't have time to do a lot more with at the moment, but, might make for a nice couple of minutes listening.

I've also added a new podcast link to the right hand side of the page, where you can subscribe if you''d like to be kept up to date with tracks as I upload them.

Enjoy, "you may know my poetry".


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