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November 21, 2006

Enough of the negativity - Win Cool Stuff!

Right, it might be my extremely imminent 40th Birthday, or the fact that we've all been sick here in the last week, all three of us simulataneously, but anyway, all that is clearing, so time to get a bit positive on yo' ass (he says weirdly channeling Samual L. Jackson)

Soooo, here is some fun cool stuff.

Get creative and win a ticket to Web Directions North with Digital Web Magazine

Our very good friends over at Digital Web Magazine are giving away a ticket to the conference (including a post conference day skiing or snowboarding at Whistler), and two runner up prizes of a day's skiing or boarding at Whistler.

To win, submit your very own snowboard design! In the grand tradition of pro snowboarders and classic boardsmiths like Burton, Lib Tech, and Sims, we invite you to put your design skills into the most radical snowboard ever! Make it geeky, make it awesome, make it classic—whatever you want, it's your design. Not a designer? We've got an option for you. Take a photo of yourself on an improvised snowboard of your own invention. Sure, it might not be snow-legal, but it could work in a pinch. The more inventive, the better! Absolutely can't attend? Enter your design anyway - join the fun! Plus, we just might have some other prizes.

Entry details over at Digital Web - so check 'em out and start designing. - And here's a blank to get you started.

snowboard blank

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The first object that resemble a snowboard was invented by Sherman Poppen in 1965 and was called the Snurfer (combination of Snow Surfer) The snurfer was fairly simple and had no bindings, what is called a noboard. However the state of Utah claims that the first snowboards were developed and manufactured there in the early 1970s, and was commemorated in 2007 by the United States mint among the three semi-final designs of the Utah state quarter. At least one source believes that Jake Burton Carpenter (founder of Burton Snowboards) and/or Tom Sims (founder of Sims Snowboards) invented snowboarding.

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