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November 26, 2006

paid intern opportunity - desktop app developer

As we get more and more busy here at westciv, and more diversified in our projects, I find myself with less time to lock myself away and develop. I've had a couple of really interesting projects sitting on my desktop for far to long, waiting to be finished - so we've decided to test the waters by looking for an intern developer. With the Australian University holidays about to begin, this would be a great oppotunity for someone motivated, hard working, and with good development skills to get some commercial experience, and work with a successful company. So if that's you, or sounds like someone you know, please get in touch. Ideally it will be someone in and around Sydney.

Western Civilisation pty. ltd. is a successful software developer, publisher of the leading Cascading Style Sheet development tool, Style Master, for Mac OS X and Windows, and the publishers of a series of widely acclaimed web development technology training courses. We are are looking for a desktop application developer to work on new projects in the web development tools space.

Westciv have a long track record in successful software publishing and development.
Until now, all development has been done by the principals of the company, but as the company has grown, and diversified, into training, publishing, and the Web Directions Conference series, the capacity to undertake new projects, and complete existing ones, has been significantly diminished.

At present, there is an alpha level application which is largely low level feature complete, which we hope to be able to finish with a competent desktop application developer in a reasonably short amount of time, as well as other projects in various stages of development.

The developer

Westciv is looking for a competent desktop application developer to complete a desktop based tool for both Mac OS X and Windows (XP and Vista), and possibly Linux

The successful applicant would have demonstrated experience with

  • Modern, object oriented, dynamic languages
  • Desktop application development - double clickable apps for Mac OS X and or Windows - experience with both platforms is very desirable, as is experience with Linux platforms
  • Exposure to RealBasic is desirable but not essential
Above all, the person we are looking for will be
  • smart
  • hard working
  • able to work independently
  • love learning, as well as taking responsibility

The role

The role is project based, and would suit a newly graduated student, or a motivated, high achieving student between years.
The project is planned for around 10 weeks, which makes it an ideal paid "intern" role over the summer break, but there is also the possibility that ongoing contract based work, or a more permanent role with the company.

The benefits

The role is contract based, with remuneration to be determined based on the applicant's experience.
Hardware and or software to complete the task will be provided as required.

This will be an opportunity to work with a successful Australian software development company, with well over ten thousand customers around the world. The developer would be exposed to a broad range of tasks associated with such an enterprise including

  • Software design and Development
  • Testing - including beta test program with hundreds of testers
  • Software marketing
  • Documentation
  • Working with third party contractors, including world renowned graphic designers
  • Working with a range of software and hardware tools, libraries

making it a very worthwhile role for gaining experience of a range of tasks associated with software development.

Interested applicants should email John Allsopp john@westciv.com, with a CV, and where possible links to or examples of work which demonstrates the required skills and aptitudes.

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