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April 07, 2007

Hacking las vegas (a tiny bit)

As astute readers will know, I was recently in Las Vegas, a town with reasonably nice weather, and for one like me with an aversion to gambling, little else to offer. The conference I attended, IA Summit, was, I do have to say, fantastic, and note to self, must spend more time with IAs - smart fascinating people.

On Saturday night, about 10 of us were keen to go out and celebrate Andy Budd's birthday. So, we headed out to grab a cab.

The queue was long, and estimated at over an hour.

Not bloody likely. We set out to walk the roughly half hour trip, perhaps pick up a cab on the way, but as we walked out of the hotel, we spotted a couple of strecth limos (a form of conveyance I had as yet not utilized in my 40 years on god's green earth.)

"How much?"

Doing the the math, that's about $5 each.

So we pile in. For most of us it was the first ride in such a vehicle. And we saved an hour's wait, all for probably an extra couple of bucks, or a half hour plus walk after a very long day.

I reckon that was a pretty cool hack.

You got one?

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Haha nice manoeuvre! I did want to, but didn't get a chance to, ride a limo down the main stretch in Vegas.

It's true, Vegas has nuthin to offer if you're 1) not gambling, 2) not there for complete debauchery.

As for other vegas hacks, finding wifi access at the UPS store (not free though) was my best find. In turns out they don't like encouraging internet access in Vegas--they'd much rather you be sitting in a casino pumping pennies into poker machines.

Posted by: Tim Lucas | Apr 9, 2007 11:47:42 PM

ah yes, that was a particularly fine hack. A little squishy, but an excellent hack nonetheless.

it was great to meet you at the Summit! Hope to catchup soon. :)

Posted by: Leisa Reichelt | Apr 13, 2007 1:04:37 AM

OK, I have just spent two days in Vegas and this is what I did: taught at the University, went to a concert, had a great
Mexican meal,went to Whiskey Bar (equivalent to Skybar in LA), had a meal at a wine bar in Boulder City, walked across the Hoover Dam, toured a cactus garden, walked 2 miles around a lake, went to BB King's BBQ restaurant (Lucille's Smokehouse), had unbelievably good ribs, artichokes and fried green tomatoes and heard the hottest zydeco/blues band this side of anywhere.

I didn't see a single slot machine. All of the above (execpt Boulder City and Hoover Dam) were in the city of Las Vegas.

Oh, and by the way, the week you were there John, the Academy of St Martin in the Fields was also in town, giving concerts with Josh Bell.

Get off the strip!

Posted by: Deb Lander | Apr 17, 2007 5:22:14 AM