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May 15, 2007

Microformats presentation in Canberra and Brisbane

In a couple of weeks, Thursday May 31, I'll be presenting on Microformats in Canberra at the next Web Standards group meeting.

Come and hear what microfomats are, what cool stuff they enable, where Firefox 3 is headed with microformats support, and see how easy they are to implement.

Then, on Saturday June 2, I'll be in Brisbane for the second student run symposium on Web Content Management. If you are in Brisbane, I suggest you get along (not to hear me speak, but because last year it was such a professionally run event, that frankly it should be on the calendar of web professionals in Queensland). It's right in the heart of town, at QUT, and costs just $80 for the day.

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I am of course biased, having spoken at last year's symposium. But I still second the vote of support for the QUT symposium. If this year's group is anything like the people I studied with last year, it'll be a room full of exceedingly bright people and well worth being there.

Posted by: Ben Buchanan | May 15, 2007 10:38:08 AM

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