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August 21, 2007

Announcing the free (as in speech and beer) Hatch Day 2007 - following Web Directions South

Conference are all about talking - and talking is great - we sketch out ideas, share insights, learn new concepts and techniques. But after the talk, we also have to walk.

So, this year we are introducing a new event as part of the web directions family. And it's free - not just for WD attendees but for all (though places are limited.)

For years, (I mean since last millenium) I've been keen to hold an event called "web hack" - a shameless rip of the sadly departed "MacHack" conferences.
Finally, this year we decided to hold just that event. But a bit of market research (ie asking our friends) told us that the term 'hack' was a bit scarey. So, as she usually does, Maxine had a great idea - let's make it a "hatch" day - an "extreme incubator" where great ideas are hatched.

Web Hatch is part unconference, part hack day, and part webjam (hatchers get to present their work at the end of the day at a special webjam), and it all wraps up in a party.

I got a couple of ideas I've been working on slowly for a while, so I might even do a project myself.

Like I said

  • it's free
  • anyone who wants to participate - but you do need to register

Hatch Day is a day of web creativity and idea sharing that falls somewhere between Barcamp and hard core coding weekends like RAILS Camp. Maybe you're a developer or group of developers with a project you're been wanting an excuse to get stuck into. Or perhaps you have expertise you'd like to share, a desire to help people really breathe life into a project.

Hatch Day is "The Extreme Incubator": the day on which you take a proto-project and

  1. really put some focussed work into it
  2. get some input from experts

turning it into at least the level of a presentable prototype by the end of the day, when there will be a Webjam.

So, what happens?

First of all, anyone who wants to contribute can come along, but numbers for this day are limited, so you need to register. You can register as

A project team
You can have as many or as few people in your team as you like, but we suggest somewhere between 3 and 5 people. Just let us know who you are, and give yourselves a name. Then put as much work into the project as you can before the day - the more you put in before the more you'll benefit from the intensity of Hatch Day.
A person in search of a team
If you would like to be part of one of the teams, give us some info about yourself and we'll see what we can do to hook you up. Even better, get in touch with one of the teams yourself.
A roving expert
Do you work in usability or interaction design? Are you a hard core backend or database type who'd be willing to help others solve some curly problems? Have you got experience in turning ideas into commercial realities? Of course, the coding is at the core of any project, but going from a nat idea to an actual product requires so much more than this. If you'd like to share your expertise and be a vital part of the incubator, we'd love you to register and come along.

Then just turn up at 10.00am on the day and go go go until the Webjam at 6.00pm, when you'll get to show us what you've been up to, and there'll be prizes and drinking and stuff.

But I'm not a hacker

All kinds of projects need all kinds off skills. It's not all hardcore Ruby on Rails and Ajax. Design and illustration skills, writing, front end design, photography, woodworking, hairdressing, whatever you love doing you'll find a way to use. There'll also be all kinds of things happening throughout the day, so there'll be plenty to keep you occupied.

OK, so what kinds of thing do people build?

Check out some of the projects at the Open Hack Day in 2006.

What will be provided?

We'll provide

  • a venue
  • a wifi network
  • lunch and refreshments
  • lots of experts to help you out with ideas, provide advice about everything from CSS to Javascript to Django and Rails

What does it cost?

Nada, nix, nothing. That's right, it's free as in beer. Hmmm, come to think of it, there may even be free beer there as well. Just one more reason to come along.

The lowdown

When: 10am, Saturday September 29
Where: North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club - Map
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Cool. I will wait till its available.

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