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August 23, 2007

Social networking in the physical world

One of the really fundamental reasons why we do web directions is to get people together. Nothing beats talkign to someone, sharing a coffee, or a drink, or dinner, sharing your experiences with someone who does similar things to you, shares imilar interests.
But breaing the ice can be really hard. What have you got in common? Do you use the same tools, work in a similar industry, come from the same city? All of the things that we have in common we need to find out about one another.

I think one reason why online social networking works so well is that peopel can find those things out about one another, or advertise those kinds of things about themselves easily. So right away, you knwo somethings you have in common.

So, this year at Web Directions, we are going to try and do something to help with that first step - and anyone can help out with it.

At the conference, your name badge can also tell people about those things that are really important to you. And the best part is, you get to tell us what that is.

mikon ideas

Maybe it's your skills: CSS, HTML, Perl, PHP, Java, Flash, Ajax, Javascript etc etc etc
Or where you're from: NSW, Qld, Vic, WA?
Whether you follow league, rugby, AFL, soccer?
Maybe you're an early bird or a night owl? Clean desk or messy? Desktop or laptop? Coffee or tea?
Mac or Windows? Or Linux?
Are you loking for a job, or clients? Are you looking for a freelancer or employee?

This is a great use for Mikons

mikons on name badges

Design your own Mikon

This year at Web Directions South you even get to design your own: here's how it works.

Go along to the Mikons site and create an account.

Design a Mikon and tag it with wds07. Mikons.com has its own editor, or you can even upload an EPS.

Submit as many as you like, in fact I think the best ones will be those that cover off a set of options, such as "carnivore or vegetarian". Go here for Mikon ideas.

Just make sure you have the "share" option on the Mikon clicked.

And make sure you do it before midnight on Monday September 3.

The best 50 Mikons will be printed on a sticker set to go in the Web Directions South satchels for everyone to use on their name badges. Just like these ones from SXSW earlier this year:

The winners will also get a Mikons t shirt. And lots of cred. How cool is that?

Hop to it now: remember, entries close Monday September 3.

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