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August 21, 2007

XRAY 0.91a released

I've just updated XRAY to version 0.91a. I don't know what's with the numbering system either ;-)

This version now officially supports IE6+ on Windows, in addition to Webkit and Mozilla based browsers wherever they may roam.

Get it here

I also added info on borders widths, as these will impact the box model, and you can now use the arrow keys to move around the DOM - up to XRAY the parent element, down to XRAY the first child, left and right to XRAY sibling elements.

I also removed the dependency on the JQuery library, hopefully speeding things up too.

For future versions, I hope you won't need to change the bookmark again. For this version, I needed to make the change both to stop downloading JQuery, and because IE didn't like the approach I took.

Let me know what you think


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