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September 30, 2007

I've seen the past

Tonight is the equivalent of superbowl, at least for many Australians. And if you aren't watching on TV, or listening on radio, can you find the updates scores?

Not on your nelly. The sites that usually carry live updates don't have it (I can only assume a licensing issue where the NRL carries them), including the joint partnership between the network carrying it, and Microsoft, NineMSN (here I guess it is a 'commercial' decision). Maybe the NRL sites is carrying it, but the site is effectively down, swamped by Traffic I'd say.

This is the past folks. Next year, dozens of sites will carry updates live, right off radio and TV, and we'll know in advance to bookmark them.

As Prince didn't once say, 'I've seen the future past, and boy it's rough'.

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September 19, 2007

Web Directions on twitter, flickr, facebook and more

The divide between the 'virtual' and 'real' worlds is something we've long tried to address at our conferences. To me, the online world augments our 'real' lives - it's not separate, nor even an extension of our physical lives, they are part and parcel of the same life. And at conferences, they are closer than just about anywhere else.

Since we held our first conference services like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and many more have either come into being, or into prominence, and Web Directions will have a presence on all of these.

If you take photos at the conference, and upload them to Flickr, make sure you tag them 'wds07'. You can keep track of the latest here

If you want to follow us on Twitter, we are WDS07

We have a Facebook group you can join to keep in touch with others at the conference.

Check for the latest blog posts tagged 'wds07', courtesy of the wonderful Dmitry Baranovskiy.

If you are coming, hope you can contribute to all these online conversations. If not, sit back and enjoy the ride - podcasts and slides will be coming soon too.

And of course, there's always Web Directions North

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September 17, 2007

Does the XBOX360 have a web browser?

I don't have an XBOX 360 but am doing some research - need to know whether the 360 has a web browser? AFAICT no, but someone out there might be able to tell me for sure one way or the other



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September 11, 2007

A little competition for all you designers

For those coming to Web Directions, we've got some fun stuff planned. One of those is the use of various screens around the conference to show real time content from the audience (blog posts, photos and more) to see what others are saying, thinking and doing at Web Directions.

Right now, two of these little visualisation applications are online, one by the fantastic Dmitry Baranovskiy, which pulls in blog posts from technorati tagged "wds07", and one by me (which ransacks lots of online examples and tutorials) to show the most recent photos at Flickr tagged "wds07". (Due credit will be paid to all for inspiration and code once it is finally released).

But for now - here is your challenge. Take the apps HTML (you can do one or both), and give it some style. No rules, no limits (well, you have to use CSS, but apart from that, you can use Javascript effects, whatever takes your fancy.)

You've got until Friday September 14th to get your design to us (best if you email us a link to your version).

The winner of each (based on which one we like the best!) will be used for styling these apps during and after the conference, and there'll also be really really really good prizes for the winners.

And, you don't even have to be coming to the conference.

So, get designing! Can't wait to see what people come up with.


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September 09, 2007

So we spent 250 million dollars

on a fantasy?

Could I say to the people of Sydney, I'm sorry that you've been inconvenienced. It's not the fault of our visitors, it's not the fault of either the NSW government or the federal government, it's the fault of those people who resort to violence in order disrupt gatherings of this kind
Mr Howard said.

Um - it's spelt I R A Q, and apparently tens if not hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have died, along with several thousand US British and other soldiers, which to me would constitute "violence". Is there not one [nsfw]ing journalist who has the guts to call these people on their drivel? Guess not.

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what a [nsfw]ing joke


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Here are those violent protesters then

Here's why you keep your police and politicians on a very tight rein.

Remember - they work for us.

What a farce.

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September 07, 2007

methinks facebook now faces a very serious challenge

I suspect if Facebook don't resolve this one a lot better than they appear to have attempted to do so far, it will cost them billions.

Next to tech geeky types, and perhaps no less so, women with young children, not least of them those who breastfeed, are the most connected, online types I know. This woman is a member of a group of 6000 or more members, which is far from small, but not a group to get offside, would be my advice.

I don't think we'll have heard the last of this.

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September 06, 2007

the mobile web just arrived

A lot of folks have been doing excellent work making the mobile web a reality, not least of them Opera, with their excellent mini and mobile browsers.

But the mobile web isn't just about browsers - though of course good browser are vital.

It's about devices that can use the web as seamlessly as possible - the problem traditionally has been browsers run on mobile phones, and these have UIs designed for (well if designed for anything) texting and making phone calls
It's about affordable bandwidth - typically data charges over the mobile networks worldwide have been prohibitively expensive

The Blackberry got these things right when it comes to emailing - the combination of an acceptable user experience, coupled with transparent and not unreasonable pricing for data saw blackberry take a stranglehold on mobile emailing, despite the many year head start of pioneers like Palm

I think today the mobile web got its blackberry - the iPhone Touch - essentially the phoneless iPhone I begged for when the iPhone was anounced.

Not available 'til later this month, not announced for Australia as yet, but I'll be getting one as soon as possible, which is rare for me.

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September 03, 2007

two more days

Only because we love y'all so much, you have two more days to get the discount price for Web Directions South.

WDS06 WDS07 really is going to be amazing (yes, I am biased), but the speaker lineup is amazing, the breadth of topics covered really means there's something for everyone all day long, the social events are going to prove once and for all that no one throws a party like you web folk (need proof? Web Directions North closing party made Vancouver's Social Pages), and we have all manner of fun and fascinating things happening in and around the conference that everyone there can participate in.

You'll kick yourself from here 'til September 2008 if you miss it, so get over to the registration page by Wednesday, and save yourself $100.

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