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September 30, 2007

I've seen the past

Tonight is the equivalent of superbowl, at least for many Australians. And if you aren't watching on TV, or listening on radio, can you find the updates scores?

Not on your nelly. The sites that usually carry live updates don't have it (I can only assume a licensing issue where the NRL carries them), including the joint partnership between the network carrying it, and Microsoft, NineMSN (here I guess it is a 'commercial' decision). Maybe the NRL sites is carrying it, but the site is effectively down, swamped by Traffic I'd say.

This is the past folks. Next year, dozens of sites will carry updates live, right off radio and TV, and we'll know in advance to bookmark them.

As Prince didn't once say, 'I've seen the future past, and boy it's rough'.

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I was able to get score updates on NineMSN for the first part of the first half but after that the site seemed to freeze... swamped by traffic as you say I guess. (Does that site never freeze though??) Oh well, at least Manly didn't win... ;)

Posted by: John Lampard | Oct 1, 2007 10:44:44 AM

At 7pm on Sat night, I couldn't find the results for the AFL final on the net anywhere (even though the game had been over for hours). Had to go to Sky news on the telly...

Posted by: Deb Lander | Oct 1, 2007 1:05:39 PM