June 05, 2007

Australian web developer contract job

A well known local business in the travel sector is urgently looking for someone to come in house for 3-5 days to tie up some loose ends in their social networking portal they are building for our 10,000+ a day customers, and to be able to help them out after that.

From the development team:

The site is written using Visual Studio 2005 and ASP.NET. MasterPages are employed. AJAX features are provided by the MS AJAX library (server side only).

The database, data-access and data abstraction layers are solid and need no work. It's the front end and the graphic design with which we need help.

The member space is mainly synchronous, but we'd like to introduce more AJAX stuff into it to eliminate some page loads.

The dashboard area is mainly asynchronous, but some of the coding is messy and we'd like it tidied up and componentized.

In essence we have a really solid backend which ties in to our current customer system. which is where our programming team has the most experience. What we really need is someone to work on the layout and interface part of things. We're not looking for fancy graphic work, more of slick interface that works seamlessly.

Get in touch with me and I'll pass you on to them.


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