February 15, 2006

Positions Vacant - Sydney Australia

I know a very big, innovative, interesting organisation who do a lot of interesting web stuff who are looking for a "senior designer". If you are interested, drop me a line, and I'll pass you on,

More of my usual rants to resume, once the amount of work I currently am doing calms down a bit.


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January 09, 2006

Sydney Australia Web Development consulting work - good CSS skills required

If you are based in Sydney Australia, and are a web developer with good CSS skills, and would be interested in some freelance work with a CBD based IT company, please get in touch, and I'll send you in their direction



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April 05, 2005

more web jobs

Sitepoint do some really good web developer books, and run interesting articles forums and blogs on subjects close to all our hearts and minds. They must be doing ok, as they have 4 jobs open at present, down in Melbourne Australia (that's down for me in Sydney, and down for just about anyone else in the world too, I'd guess).

Among them are:

  1. An office manager
  2. A managing editor for their print newsletters
  3. A marketing role
  4. A technical editor for their technical publications

So if you are in, near or would like to move to Melbourne (look, its not Sydney, but its a great city any ways, and what would I know, I never leave Bondi) head over, check it out, and drop them a line.

Great to see things picking up. The vibe I got in Austin at SxSW and in San Francisco on my recent trips was things are looking much better than they have for some years. People I know in Australia also feel similarly.


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April 01, 2005

Web Standards Jobs!

A few months back, I promised that if you had a web standards developer job going, I'd happily post it here. Well out of the blue this morning someone wrote taking me up on my offer, with not one but two jobs.

Campbell Ewald, a full service advertising agency in Warren, MI are currently seeking to add 2 full time web standards developers to their existing web standards development staff.
This individual will work on interface development for various b2b, b2c, extranet, and intranet web sites and web applications.

The ideal candidate will have the following characteristics:

  1. Ability to learn. Candidate must show they can adapt to the rapidly changing web technology landscape.
  2. Ability to communicate. Candidate must show that they can express ideas with clarity and effectiveness, both written and verbally.
  3. Mature technical ability. Candidate must understand how the web works from a low to a high level. Candidate must also understand how quality software is designed and constructed.
  4. Flexibility. Candidate must be comfortable with the pace of multiple projects.

Other required skills:

  • Four year degree in related field or equivalent industry experience
  • Familiarity with basic concepts of Information Architecture
  • Expert knowledge of CSS, (X)HTML, Javascript and web standards
  • Experience implementing standards-based web application user interfaces
  • Experience with the W3C DOM
  • Knowledge of differences between browsers, their implementations of CSS, DOM, and other standards
  • Ability to cleanly reproduce interface elements and user experience across different browsers
  • Ability to spec out and communicate designs and user interaction, working with Information Architects, Creative, and other engineers from prototype through implementation and testing
  • Experience with both MAC (OS X) and Windows platforms
  • Proficiency with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe ImageReady software applications for image manipulation and optimization


  • Experience with accessibility (WAI, 508)
  • Experience with internationalization
  • Experience integrating rich web interfaces with server-side code (JSP).
  • Experience in UI design and engineering for content management systems
  • Experience working with and developing RSS feeds
  • Experience with Source Control/Versioning systems (CVS)
  • Technologies: JSTL, XML and XSLT

If you are interested, drop Ken Burbary a line

Looks like things are looking up for those with web standards skills.

Good luck,


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