December 31, 2005

web 2.0 podcast

A couple of weeks back, I went down to Melbourne at the invitation of VictoriaOnline, to speak to well over a hundred local, state and federal government web developers and managers. (For my non Australian readers, Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, the state to the south of New South Wales (NSW) of which Sydney is the capital - unlike in the United States, the most obvious cities are state capitals here - almost invariably, US state capitals are places I've never heard of :-)

Anyway, because Melbourne is 1000km away, and many people couldn't necessarily make it to Sydney for WebEssentials, Jason Harrop at VictoriaOnline asked if I could go and give a presentation on WE05 (and the web's) hot topic - you guessed it Katamari Damacy Web 2.0.

In it I took a look at the philosophies, economics, technologies and business issues surrounding this much talked of phenomenon.

If you have some time to kill, we've got a podcast available at the webessentials web site, and there are also slides available [pdf], so you can reproduce the experience, minus the very nice auditorium and 28th floor view over Melbourne.


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