September 19, 2007

Web Directions on twitter, flickr, facebook and more

The divide between the 'virtual' and 'real' worlds is something we've long tried to address at our conferences. To me, the online world augments our 'real' lives - it's not separate, nor even an extension of our physical lives, they are part and parcel of the same life. And at conferences, they are closer than just about anywhere else.

Since we held our first conference services like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and many more have either come into being, or into prominence, and Web Directions will have a presence on all of these.

If you take photos at the conference, and upload them to Flickr, make sure you tag them 'wds07'. You can keep track of the latest here

If you want to follow us on Twitter, we are WDS07

We have a Facebook group you can join to keep in touch with others at the conference.

Check for the latest blog posts tagged 'wds07', courtesy of the wonderful Dmitry Baranovskiy.

If you are coming, hope you can contribute to all these online conversations. If not, sit back and enjoy the ride - podcasts and slides will be coming soon too.

And of course, there's always Web Directions North

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June 28, 2007

Web Directions South - early bird about to end

Just a quick note for anyone interested in coming to Web Directions for the super discounted price of $200 off, only $795AUD, then you had better move quickly. As has become a tradition, we are extending this discount period for a few more days, until next Wednesday, July 4th - but that really is the final deadline early bird.

Registrations this year are way up on the same time last year, which is really exciting for us.

It's going to be the best conference we've done and then some.

See you in September


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May 21, 2007

Web Directions South 2007

We've been working on this for it seems far too long, but now I am really excited to let both my readers know about this year's way bigger, way better, Web Directions South

Head on over, have a look around, and check out the program and speakers we've lined up for Web Directions South 2007. With more than 30 leading experts, including a dozen international stars of the web industry, across three tracks, Web Directions South will focus on the key technology and business issues of the web in 2007. It really is Australia's premier event for the web industry.

Speakers for 2007 include

plus many more new and old faces to educate and inspire us all once again this September. We've even got a couple of surpise speakers up our sleeves as well.

This year at Web Directions South alongside our traditional Design and Development focus, there's a new Management/Strategy track. So, if you design or develop for the web, manage web teams, or if your business relies on the web, we've got two full days full for you.

And that's just the conference. We've also got 6 workshops over the two days before Web Directions South:

Be sure to register before June 30 to take advantage of our excellent value early bird price of just $795. And if been to one of our previous conferences check your email on Monday for an additional discount by way of thanks for all your support over the years. If you don't receive this email, please let us know.

This year, in yet another first, we'll be featuring the Web Expo - running thoughout the conference at Darling Harbour.

And perhaps most exciting of all, we'll be hosting Australia's first Web Hack day, on the Saturday following the conference.

And of course there'll be all the usual parties and opportunities to catch up with old friends, and make new connections.

We are really excited with the quality and range of speakers we've been able to get all the way to Sydney, the great new venue at Darling Harbour, with the new Expo, the extended range of workshops, and WebHack, and hope you'll be too. We look forward to seeing you in Sydney at the end of September for what promises to be one of the stand out web events anywhere in the World - Web Directions South 2007.


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December 29, 2006

Web Directions Discount Deadline Extended to January 14 - but hurry!

Web Directions North is almost upon us -- with attendees coming from all over the world, some great sponsors helping to make the event even more special (look out for the soon to be anounced closing night party), and of course, a bumper snow fall is making the after-conference ski trip look better all the time.

But that discount pricing deadline of $895CDN (about $USD770), originally scheduled to end on December 31st, is looming. Because it's a tricky time of year, with all those public holidays, we've had some requests to extend it. We heard you, and the deadline for this pricing is now midnight, January 14th Pacific time.

And as one last holiday bonus, if you sign up by January 5th you'll get a chance at winning either a free spot at one of our workshops, or one of two spots on our ski trip, so don't delay!

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December 14, 2006

Web Directions North Closing Keynote: Jared Spool

Since we announced the conference only one spot has been vacant - our closing keynote speaker. We've been working hard to find a speaker able to close such a star studded lineup, and in Jared Spool we've found just such a speaker.
What we sometimes forget in the web arena is that human computer engineering, user interface design, call it what you will has been around for a long time. Jared has coming up to 20 years of professional user interface engineering experience. His experience is just about unparalleled, and it is a rare privilege for us to be able to bring him to Web Directions North.

Jared is on the faculty of the Tufts University Gordon Institute and teaches seminars on product usability. He is a member of SIGCHI, the Usability Professionals Association, the Association for Computing Machinery, and the IEEE. Jared is a recognized authority on user interface design and human factors in computing.

Jared will be closing Web Directions North with "The Dawning of the Age of Experience"

Experience design is no longer a nice-to-have luxury of a few organizations with tons of money and exceptional visionary management. It's become commonplace for organizations that build products and web sites. Experience Design is a centerpiece of boardroom discussions and quickly becoming a key performance indicator for many businesses.

However, you can't just hire a couple of "experience designers" and tell them, "Go do that voodoo that you do so well." Today's business environment forces us to build multi-disciplinary teams, compiling a diverse group of skills and experiences to handle the many facets of the technical, business, and user requirements.

In his usual entertaining and insightful manner, Jared will talk about what it takes to build a design team that meets today's needs.

He'll demonstrate how successful Experience Design:

  • Must integrate the needs of the users with the requirements of the business
  • Is learned, but not available through introspection
  • Must be invisible to succeed
  • Is cultural
  • Is multi-discplinary
  • Thrives best in an "educate and administrate" environment

You'll see examples of designs from Apple's iPod, Netflix, the Mayo Clinic, and Southwest Airlines, to name a few.

We are honored to have Jared close Web Directions North, and are really looking forward to "The Dawning of the Age of Experience"

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September 22, 2006

It's Coming - Monday

a large compass logo like the one for web directions south, only in red annd pointing north

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June 10, 2006

Lars Rasmussen of Google Maps and W3C's Dean Jackson speaking in Sydney at a free Web Directions Event

One of the main reasons why we originally put on our first web development conference, and why we have continued to do so, is to bring people who work on the same problems, and have common interests when it comes to the web together. That's also the motivation behind Snow Web.

In keeping with this philosophy, we've always organised free events with interesting, stimulating speakers, in the lead up to these conferences.

We've just announced our first WebDirections event, an evening with Lars Rasmussen, one of the lead engineers with Google Maps, and someone whho really really really knows about web apps and AJAX. Come and learn some tips and tricks, and see some of the cool stuff Lars is doing.
On the same bill is one of my favourite people, Dean Jackson, from the W3C, the coordinator of the Web API working group. It's free, and right in the middle of Sydney in the Hotel CBD's Jam Bar, a little groovier venue than we might have come to expect for web development related events. But work can also be fun right?

We are also laying on some food for the evening, and there's a cash bar for those who want a beer, wine or whatever after work on a Thursday.
We'll be doing give aways (every child wins a prize), including a ticket to the conference, a couple of workshop tickets, and some places at the rapidly selling out breakfast featuring Molly Holzschlag

So if you work in or with the web, whether at the geekier or less geeky end of the spectrum, get along, meet some new people in your industry, renew some old friendships, have abit of fun, and learn something too.

As I said it's free, but places aren't unlimited, and after 3 days we had nearly half our places RSVP'd for, so please drop us a line at to let us know you would like to come

All the official details follow, but hope to see you at Hotel CBD, Jam Bar, Level 4, 52 King Street 6.00pm for 6.30pm June Thursday 29 2006.

Full event details at the webdirections site


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