August 12, 2007

XRAY for IE beta

I've just finished off a releasable version of XRAY for windows (which should also work in Webkit and Mozilla based browsers)

It's definitely beta, but please take a look and let me know about any issues you find.

A couple of definites right now

1. You need to click an element twice in most circumstances to xray it - I should have this fixed shortly
2. there are no width and height indicators as there are in the other browsers. Is this an issue? It is doable, but needs more work than on other browsers, so please let me know your thoughts once you've played with it
3. because of the way that IE reports property values getting the actual value of width and height of the content box is tricky unless it is specifically set. So, in place of these values, you'll often see 'auto' or a percentage, em or other value, telling you not the computed width and height but the current specified width and height.

BUT, there are some bonuses

Ive added border width values as these impact the box model.
I've also made it so that scrolling doesn't hide the xray properties - though resizing the window will probably do some weird stuff, to be fixed soon

To give it a whirl, just use this link (the one bookmark will work for all browsers once we are done, and this one should as I said work for IE, Webkit and Mozilla based browsers already, but has not been stress tested)


Please give it a whirl and let me know how you get on


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