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July 14, 2004



Thanks for your comments Stephen.

As with many (actually, I'd say just about all) design/usability issues on the web, and despite Jakob Nielsen's comments, I take this as being a question on which the jury is still well and truly out. Of course, I understand and appreciate the point of view of Jakob Neilsen, and other usability czars. But, as with many others I have a strong desire to ensure my pages look attractive and, IMO, multi colored links simply don't fulfil this. As much as anything I've taken my cue so far from the kinds of sites you'll see linked in my blogroll, most of which don't distinguish between visited and unviited links.

But that's not to say I can't have my mind changed on this, and indeed your email might be part of this process. I have in the past seen pages I liked which used a technique of making the visited links in the text more pale, nad striking them through. Maybe I'll have a try at this for the westciv site and see whether I like it, so thanks for your comments.

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