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December 28, 2004


Amit Karmakar

So very true Maxine. We do take things, people, life for granted ever so often!


Brilliant. 'Nuff said


>a cynical jerk I had to put up with at dinner
>last night who pointed out that this was
>nothing compared to some earthquake that
>happened in China in the 1920s in which
>200 000 people died.

I thought of this post today as I listened to the news.

It might be time to call the cynical jerk and ask him if he thinks it's still nothing?


Beautiful! Especially about feeling lucky (not proud) and the earlier thoughts about ethics and getting "out there".
I'll keep on reading and learning about RS feeds now - I'm just a beginner at blogging.

Ranking Directory

Back to Westciv. This has been a very good year for us: while it's not quite Joel-esque, we're pretty happy with is going to be a 75% increase in sales on the previous calender year. And of course, you can look back on that and give yourself a pat on the back for the short term, and long term achievement that it is. Short term in that we have grown a company from nothing and made it into a viable enterprise, purely through our own clever ideas and the hard work which is necessary to put them into action. Long term in that neither of us come from particularly privileged backgrounds, we paid our own way through university (albeit in a country, and at a time when tertiary education was effectively free) and generally bootstrapped ourselves. I've always loved that term, and where it as a bit of a mark of honour.


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