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December 19, 2005



Loved this tutorial any suggestions on authoring tools that write inboth CSS and XHTML formats?


If you really want to use the one tool that does both CSS and HTML I would suggest you have a look at TopStyle: it is the only thing that does this.


Having said that it is getting a little long in the tooth with no major upgrades for some time. TopStyle is only available for Windows. As far as I know there is nothing like this on the Mac.

Many developers prefer to use dedicated environments, simply because they do their individual jobs better. So you would use our CSS editor Style Master (both Mac and Windows) for all the styling of the site, and another tool for the markup.


The great advantage of this is that Style Master is a powerful environment for really understanding CSS, and making sure you keep your presentation separate from your content. Style Master also has an excellent framework for helping you see which parts of your style sheet are affecting which parts of your web page. Nothing else does this.

Alek Traunic

you may have seen this before, but I came across this the other day and wanted to share it somewhere that may help

img src="whatever" width="60" height="85" style="font-size:2px;width:30em;height:42.5em"/

This gives you scaling images for those browsers that allow the user to scale (Firefox). By setting the font-size to 2px (tried 1px but IE was unhappy) you have a base size for the em values. Then the height and width are just their pixel values divided by 2. The font size can be set globally with img{font-size:2px;} but the height and width make sense to be done inline as they are very specific to each image.

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